Home Entertainment Hailey Bieber Says Justin Bieber Is a ‘Pretty Crier’ After Crying Pics

Hailey Bieber Says Justin Bieber Is a ‘Pretty Crier’ After Crying Pics

Hailey Bieber Says Justin Bieber Is a ‘Pretty Crier’ After Crying Pics


When you truly love someone, you love everything about them. Even the sad parts. Hailey Bieber provided a perfect example of the latter over the weekend when she left a loving comment on a tear-stained post from husband Justin Bieber. “A pretty crier,” Hailey wrote alongside a crying face emoji on a carousel of pics posted by Justin with no commentary from the singer on Friday.


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The series of snaps included five pictures of Justin rocking the stage in concert followed by a close-up of what appeared to be a bowl filled with marijuana buds and a final group in which a forlorn-looking JB stares down at his phone’s camera with tears running down his face.

Justin has been keeping a low profile since revealing in June 2022 that he was diagnosed with Ramsay Hunt syndrome, which resulted in “full paralysis” on one side of his face, leading to the postponement of some dates and then the cancellation of his tour due to his ongoing health issues.

Bieber was mostly off-the-radar for the following year, returning in Sept. 2023 for a surprise cameo on the acoustic version of SZA’s “Snooze” and then coming back into focus as one of the celeb captains of February’s 2024 NHL all-star game in Toronto, where he played a brief surprise set. He also set hearts aflutter in February when he posted a series of pics from the studio suggesting he was working on his first new music since 2021’s Justice album.

In another set of pictures uploaded this weekend Bieber was caught shirtless and shoeless on the golf course, chilling in an infinity pool alone at sunset, hanging on the beach, smiling, smoking something and trying on sneakers. The singer also shared a roll of snaps in which he rocked a long, scraggly beard while smiling for the camera and staring solemnly at the sea, again with no commentary.

While Bieber has not performed a full concert in several years, he did hop up with Tems and WizKid at Coachella two weeks ago to perform “Essence.”

See Bieber’s pics below.


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