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Lindsay Lohan Talks Motherhood Ahead of First Mother’s Day


Lindsay Lohan has appeared in dozens of films over the course of several decades, and yet, she’s never really played a mom — unless, of course, you count “Freaky Friday.” Instead, it seems Lohan held out for the real thing: the actor welcomed her first child, a son named Luai, in July 2023 with her husband, Bader Shammas. “The family is over the moon in love,” her rep told PS at the time. Now, Lohan is approaching her first Mother’s Day.

Ahead of the holiday, Lohan has partnered with Tommee Tippee on a social campaign to celebrate the child-care brand’s relaunch. This comes on top of an already busy year: she recently starred in two rom-coms as part of her ongoing movie deal with Netflix, with a third, “Our Little Secret,” expected later this year. She also made a much-suspected cameo in the “Mean Girls” musical movie. Earlier this year, it was also confirmed that a “Freaky Friday” sequel was in the works at Disney, with Lohan and Jamie Lee Curtis both reprising their roles.

Even so, Lohan is prioritizing family at the moment — and she said as much in an email interview with PS ahead of Mother’s Day. Ahead, Lohan discusses her parenting style, what she’s learned from motherhood, and the movie in her extensive filmography she’s most looking forward to showing Luai.

PS: Have you discovered any unexpected talents or strengths since becoming a mother?
Lindsay Lohan: Lifting things, I also work out more to focus on building more muscle in my upper body. Also, I feel you develop a new kind of multi-tasking becoming a mother.

PS: What’s been the greatest lesson you’ve learned in motherhood so far?
LL: Prioritizing what’s most important.

PS: Are there any specific lessons from your own childhood that you’re applying to your parenting style?
LL: I was a playful baby and kid so we always want to always surround our son with happiness and positivity.

PS: You’ve partnered with Tommee Tippee ahead of their relaunch. What are your favorite products from the brand?
LL: The Natural Start Silicone Bottle because Luai loves to hold that one it’s comfortable for him and I don’t have to worry if he plays with it and it falls because it’s soft.

PS: How would you describe your parenting style?
LL: I’m pretty hands-on with Luai. I like to build a routine. I’m a playful mom. Now that Luai is getting bigger, we love to finger paint and do music time and sports time.

PS: How has having a child changed your relationship with your partner?
LL: It’s added even more joy to our lives. The time the three of us have together is indescribable. I am smiling all the time.

PS: Which movie of yours are you most excited to show Luai?
LL: He loves to be outside and watch the cars drive by. He is into playing with his toy cars, so I think “Herbie: Fully Loaded” will be fun and fitting to show him.

PS: Do you have any favorite mommy bloggers or parent influencers you enjoy following?
LL: I don’t follow anyone. I think everyone has their own parenting style, but it’s always interesting to see and hear other perspectives. At the end of the day, it’s comforting to know that as parents we want to do the best we can to provide a happy and safe environment for our children.

— Additional reporting by Kelsey Garcia

Taylor Andrews is a lifestyle editor at PS who specializes in topics relating to sex, relationships, dating, sexual health, mental health, and more. In her six years working in editorial, she’s written about how semen is digested, why sex aftercare is the move, and how the overturn of Roe killed situationships.


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