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The 14 Best Peloton Shoes, According to Indoor Cyclists

The 14 Best Peloton Shoes, According to Indoor Cyclists


Upgrading your Peloton gear can do wonders for your cycling game. Aside from the actual Peloton bike, one of the most important things to have in your fitness arsenal is a pair of Peloton-compatible shoes to clip into your bike pedals and keep you steady throughout your ride. You can always opt for the original Peloton-branded shoes, but there are plenty of other Peloton-compatible cycling shoes you might find more convenient, comfortable, and stylish.

When shopping for Peloton cycling shoes, remember that they must be able to attach to Delta cleats. These are triangle-shaped pieces of plastic that attach to the bottom of your shoe and clip into your bike pedals to ensure you stay locked into your bike. (Other indoor bikes require two-bolt shoes, which are not recommended for the Peloton bike.) You can find out if your cycling shoes are compatible with your Peloton by flipping them over to reveal the screw outline on the sole of the shoe. Two adjacent holes means you have a two-bolt shoe (not compatible with the Peloton bike). Peloton-compatible shoes will have a triangle made out of three holes; these are called three-bolt cycling shoes.

To help take the guesswork out of your shopping experience, we asked indoor cyclists about the tried-and-true Peloton shoes they’d suggest investing in. Our curated guide breaks down the best Peloton-compatible cycling shoes, including Peloton-branded options and Peloton shoes on Amazon that are equal parts affordable and fashionable. There’s even a few pairs worn by some of the best Peloton instructors themselves).

Read on to find your next favorite pair of cycling shoes.

– Additional reporting by Kyley Warren, Lauren Mazzo, Angela Elias, Chandler Plante, and Mirel Zaman


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