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10-Minute Quick Cardio HIIT and Booty Workout

10-Minute Quick Cardio HIIT and Booty Workout


Want to get a booty workout with a high-intensity bonus? Class Fitsugar trainer Jenna Willis is here to take you through it with this workout presented by Allegra. Ten minutes might feel quick, but Willis has packed this routine with 10 standing moves that will get you working. Plus, each move has two parts to up the intensity as you go, so you’ll really get the most out of every minute.

You’ll start the workout off strong with sumo squat kickbacks (both stationary and shuffling) to activate your glutes. Next, you’ll do standing hydrants and good morning hops. “Explode with me,” Willis says, encouraging the class to drive up with each good morning. Make sure to keep your momentum going as you move into reverse curtsies, squat pops, sumo pulses, and jumping jacks. “Come on, we got this. You got this. I got this. We all got this,” Willis says, before taking the class into runner hops and split squat upper cuts. Finally, she’ll finish with squat step outs, pulses, punches, and jump splits squats. “Know that you showed up for you today,” Willis says as she closes out the booty-burn session.

If you enjoyed Willis’s class, follow along and check out new workouts every week on the POPSUGAR Fitness YouTube channel.


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