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11 Best Protein Bars For Snacks and After Workouts


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Protein bars have quickly become a pantry staple. The best protein bars can serve as quick fuel when you’re on the go, help with recovery after a tough workout, or curb cravings by keeping you full for longer. While it’s important to get nutrients throughout the day with high-protein meals, protein bars are objectively convenient, and they can even make it easier to hit your protein goals. These days, there’s a protein bar for everyone — even those with nut allergies. The only downside? They don’t always taste the greatest. If you don’t choose a protein bar with taste in mind, odds are you’ll end up with something dry, chalky, or just downright gross. To help you choose the best tasting protein bars, we scoured reviews for protein bars on Amazon you’ll actually want to eat.

The following protein bars are vetted by thousands of shoppers, readily available on Amazon, and editor-approved. They’re quick snacks you can pack in your gym bag with confidence without sacrificing great taste. Flavors range from fruity (like blueberry muffin) to sweet (like chocolate salted caramel), each one with excellent macros —we’re talking 15 to 20 grams of protein per bar. Texture is also an important consideration, with delicious bars featuring soft cookie centers, mochi-level chewiness, and crunchy peanut butter fillings. Read on to shop some of the best protein bars to crush your hunger, fuel up after a workout, and maybe even satisfy your sweet tooth.


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