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12 Best Vegan Protein Bars


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Contrary to popular belief, protein isn’t only found in animal-based products. In fact, there’s an endless combination of high-protein meals just waiting to be enjoyed on a plant-based diet. Still, snacks like protein bars don’t always cater towards vegan audiences. It’s tough to beat the convenience and quick macros that protein bars have to offer; they’re excellent for post-workout recovery, or for grabbing on the go. But the good news is that vegan protein bars do exist, so long as you know where to look. To help you choose the right ones, we sifted through verified reviews for the best tasting and most enjoyable vegan protein bars on the market.

When looking for the best vegan protein bars, you’ll likely run into ingredients like peas, beans, pumpkin, seeds, and nuts (although there are plenty of nut-free protein bars out there). You’ll want to steer clear of whey protein, which is derived from milk, as well as common animal by-products like eggs and honey. The following are a few of our favorite vegan protein bars to help you stay on top of hunger, fuel up after a workout, and satisfy your cravings, with flavors ranging from snickerdoodle to pumpkin spice. Read on to shop the best vegan protein bars, most of which are readily available on Amazon.


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