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27 Quote Tattoo Ideas | POPSUGAR Beauty


pLike the author Joyce Meyer once said: change your words, change your life. This mantra can also apply to tattoos. Words have the power to transform your perspective, and can often inspire you to do some amazing things, so if you want to give yourself a permanent reminder of your favorite word or phrase, nothing is more impactful than a few quote tattoos.

The best (and perhaps most overwhelming) part about the design is that the options are endless. Whether you want to find inspirational tattoo quotes about strength, self-love, relationships, or permanently etch a line from your favorite movie, song lyric, or poem onto you skin — the sky is the limit with what you can get. Even when you’re feeling philosophical, guess what? There are quote tattoo ideas that can help you capture all those existential thoughts that you’re having. Regardless of whether you want something small and sentimental or a piece of ink that is going to make you and others think, sometimes quote tattoos about life can help capture a sentiment better than anything else can.

Regardless if you like big or small designs, meaningful tattoo quotes can be placed anywhere on your body, depending on if you want to keep the design hidden or if you want the phrase out in the open as a daily reminder for yourself whenever you look at it. Either way, if you’re looking for body art that represents you, we’ve rounded up some of the most beautiful and motivational quotes for tattoos that will change your point of view for the better. From quote tattoos for your arm, chest, shoulder, or wrist, there’s a little something for everything in the slides ahead.

We hope these ideas will give you the inspiration you need to head to the tattoo shop. Keep scrolling to see them all.


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