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43 Best Workout Songs 2024

43 Best Workout Songs 2024


It’s not just in your head(phones): science says listening to music really does make your workout better. The right music boosts performance during resistance-, endurance-, and sprint-based exercise, according to a review in the Journal of Functional Morphology and Kinesiology. Workout music also has the power to elevate your mood and prepare you for an intense sweat session. Choosing the best workout songs not only gets your heart pounding, but it also helps to distract from fatigue when you’re pushing through an especially challenging set. Having a go-to playlist full of pump-up songs will ensure that you get the most out of your fitness routine and — even more importantly — enjoy it.

To make sure your gym playlist is serving you well, we gathered the best workout songs from 2024 with a couple classics sprinkled in. From viral TikTok bops, to rediscovered classics (hello, Kate Bush!), these hype songs will motivate you to sweat a little more and push a little harder. Knock out some high-energy cardio or tough strength training while getting acquainted with chart-topping hits, including Megan Thee Stallion’s “Hiss,” Beyoncé’s “YA YA,” and Chappell Roan’s “HOT TO GO!”

Expect bop after bop from musical icons like Rihanna and Shakira, along with newer names like Kenya Grace. There’s even a song from the “Barbie” movie soundtrack (yes, the one by Dua Lipa) for the ultimate hot girl walk. There’s over two hours of workout music here — enough to get you through a long run or total-body gym workout. Hit play on each of the songs ahead, or favorite the playlist on Spotify, to stream a winning workout music playlist wherever you go. Now throw on your favorite sneakers, grab your earbuds, and cue up this list of the best workout songs.

— Additional reporting by Chandler Plante


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