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Best Self-Cleaning Litter Boxes For Cats

Best Self-Cleaning Litter Boxes For Cats


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There are so many benefits to investing in a self-cleaning cat litter box. As soon as you do, you’ll never go back to manual scooping — like, ever. While there are currently some viral models on the market, such as the Litter-Robot 4 and the TikTok-famous Meowant drum, these automatic designs cost a pretty penny. It’s no wonder, since most of them come equipped with unparalleled technology and accompanying smartphone apps that allow you to monitor your pet’s weight and bathroom habits; set off deodorizing mists and cleaning cycles; turn on ‘do not disturb’ mode for a quiet night’s sleep; and check for filled waste bins.

So many of these self-cleaning litter boxes can be bought on Amazon (just like countless other pet products) with fast, free shipping, so you can start your trial of an automatic system as soon as tomorrow. From here on out, you’ll feel comfortable going on vacation with the knowledge that your litter box is consistently clean and ready to use. There’s one large capacity litter box on this list that even allows for waste storage for up to 30 days! Most importantly, if you’re feeling wary about the idea of a rotating drum for safety reasons, rest assured that these litter boxes have sensors that halt movement as soon as your cat is detected nearby.

Ahead, shop self-cleaning litter boxes that start at under $100 and range from semi-automatic to totally touch-free.


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