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Color Wow Money Mist Leave-In Conditioner Review With Photos


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Much like the unpredictable nature of the stock market, my hair experiences its own fluctuations, with some winning hair days, and some where it leans more rags than riches. To be fair, I’ve put it through the ringer. From overusing everything from hairspray to hot styling tools, it’s no wonder my hair has had its moments of rebellion. To keep it healthy, I stay up to date with leave-in conditioners of all kinds and buzzy products promising stronger, glossier hair, but I hadn’t felt like I’d struck gold until I came across Color Wow’s Money Mist Leave-In Conditioner ($29).

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I’m usually skeptical about a leave-in’s ability to do anything but lightly manage frizz, but applying Money Mist gave my hair the pick-me-up it needed. With only a couple of spritzes, it was as if my dry, damaged ends stumbled upon a luxury resort after having been stranded on a deserted island for days. Even while damp, my hair felt instantly more hydrated and less brittle, which reassured me that the result was going to be just what I needed. Once I blow-dried and styled it, I could instantly see and feel the difference. Could this be the ticket to “expensive” looking hair that I’ve been waiting for? Keep reading for my full review below to find out.

About Color Wow’s Money Mist Leave-In Conditioner

  • Money Mist uses a proprietary blend of amino acids meant to strengthen the hair and repair damage.
  • It comes with a spray nozzle for easy applying, but it’s a super fine mist that won’t weigh down hair.
  • It also provides heat and UV protection and detangling properties.
  • It’s suitable for all hair types.

What I Like About Color Wow’s Money Mist Leave-In Conditioner

There’s a lot to like about Money Mist, but I especially appreciate that it’s no fuss. Like investing, you just sit back and watch your money work for you. A couple of spritz’s out of the shower and boom — my hair looks shinier and feels silkier in texture, which to me justifies the price tag. As if feeling like I got a professional blowout done for free weren’t enough, my hair felt thicker and looked, dare I say, richer.

It’s ideal for achieving smooth, flexible, and deeply hydrated hair. Plus, I love that this product is low risk, high reward in that you don’t need to use a lot — the fine mist applicator makes it easy to spray all over but without overdoing it — so you get more bang for your buck. It’s lightweight, but it still strengthens, hydrates, and makes your hair look especially healthy. If you ask me, they hit it right on the money.

How To Use Color Wow’s Money Mist Leave-In Conditioner

Using this product is simple. First, you’ll want to save this one for wash day. In the shower, shampoo and condition as usual. Once you’re out, pat your hair down with a towel until it’s damp then mist the product throughout your hair. Comb through to distribute the product evenly, then go on your merry way. There’s no need to rinse it out. Style as usual.

What To Consider Before Trying Color Wow’s Money Mist Leave-In Conditioner

At $29, this leave-in conditioner is pricier than your average drugstore hair product. If you’re looking to treat yourself and freshen up your routine, though, I’d say this is worth the splurge. After all, how can you settle for catfish once you’ve tasted caviar?

Where Is Color Wow’s Money Mist Leave-In Conditioner Available?

Color Wow’s Money Mist Leave-In Conditioner is available on the brand’s website, Amazon, and Sephora.



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