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Google adds 6 new AI features for Performance Max


Google Ads today introduced six new AI features for Performance Max campaigns.

Why we care. You’ll want to explore these new PMax features to see whether they help you uncover new insights or improve campaign performance and ROI.

Customer Value mode. This new PMax feature, in beta, is meant to help PMax advertisers who use purchase conversion goals to acquire high-value customers.

  • New customer acquisition goals are now available for Search Ads 360 advertisers.

Customer retention goal. This PMax feature, also in beta, is designed to help you win back lost customers.

  • Contact your Google account team to learn about next steps.

Detailed demographics. Data on age and gender groups is rolling out now. You will be able to find it in audience insights. As Google explained it:

  • “Detailed demographics in audience insights empower you to understand your untapped demographics so you can craft ads that resonate directly with specific age and gender groups.”

Budget pacing insights. You will be able to see real-time spend tracking, current and projected spend and forecast conversion performance. Google said:

  • “At a glance, you can analyze your campaign pacing to identify potential areas for strategic budget shifts, such as moving budget from a campaign that’s underpacing to a campaign that is close to becoming budget limited.”

Account-level IP address exclusions. PMax advertisers can now exclude specific IP addresses (e.g., your company), reducing wasted budget on unwanted ad interactions.

Final URL expansion. This new PMax feature, in beta, lets you test whether “replacing your final URL with a more relevant landing page from your website drives stronger results. … Opting into the Final URL expansion experiment will split your traffic, dedicating a portion of your budget to testing this feature while tracking results alongside your original setup.”

  • Advertisers testing this feature had “an average increase of over 9% in conversions/conversion value at a similar Cost Per Action (CPA)/Return on Ad Spend (ROAS),” according to Google data.
  • Contact Google support or your account team if you want to join the beta.


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