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Joban Tinted Deodorant Review With Photos


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As a Black woman, I’ve dealt with my fair share of hyperpigmentation over the years, especially when it comes to my underarms. As a result, I’ve tried every “solution” under the sun, from using products to lemons to DIY turmeric masks. None of them have worked for me, so I decided to just accept the discoloration around my armpits since it’s not harming me and I can always wear shirts that cover it up.

Still, when I came across a product being marketed as a “deodorant concealer,” I had to admit I was intrigued. Created by Joban Beauty, the Tinted Deodorant ($34) claims to conceal hyperpigmentation all over the body but especially under the arms. Videos of TikTok users trying it out have amassed thousands of views, with their followers seemingly split down the middle on whether they like or would use the product.

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With summer only a few weeks away, I decided to test it out for myself to see if it would become a warm-weather staple alongside my ever-growing collection of flowy (and strapless) dresses. Keep reading to see if the tinted deodorant is worth trying for yourself.

About the Joban Concealer Deodorant

  • The deodorant comes in five shades: fair, light, medium, warm, and dark.
  • It does not contain aluminum to prevent sweat, but it does feature baking soda to prevent odor, tapioca starch to absorb moisture, and dimethicone, which has blurring and mattefying properties.
  • It has a light fruit scent made from essential oils.
  • The packaging is a traditional roll-up component for easy application.

What I Like About the Joban Concealer Deodorant

I love the packaging of this product, which looks like a normal stick deodorant. While the formula contains pigment, it’s not a traditional liquid concealer; instead, it’s creamy yet dense, so it doesn’t feel tacky or wet when I apply it to my underarms. It does have a slight fruity scent, which I appreciate, and I found that it pairs nicely under my regular antiperspirant. Lastly, I like the blurring effect that this gave. Once I figured out my correct ratio of the medium and warm shades to get my best match, the result looked like a filter on my skin.

I really liked the results when I looked at my underarms pot-application. I’d say it covered my hyperpigmentation about 80 percent as I could still see a bit of darkness when I looked in the mirror, but it was a signifiant difference than where I started.

How to Use the Joban Concealer Deodorant


First, it’s worth noting that I wouldn’t wear this alone outside on a hot day. In fact, the brand recommends pairing the concealer with your usual antiperspirant if you are a heavy sweater. So first, apply your regular deodorant. Then, layer this on top. I apply the stick directly onto my underarms, with one swipe, but after the first layer I’ll dab it on a few more times touch up any additional areas I wanted to be blurred. If any areas look too concentrated with color, I recommend blending the pigment out with a makeup brush. (I tried using just my fingertips and found the residue difficult to wash off my hands when I was done.)

I recommend waiting a bit before you put your arm down so the concealer can set, similar to the process of using a regular concealer on your face. This process should not take more that 30 seconds and once the deodorant has dried down, it won’t budge.

What to Consider Before Trying the Joban Concealer Deodorant


With the brand’s current color range, I had to use two shades of the deodorant: medium and warm, as each shade alone was either too light or too dark, respectively. That being said, I found that using the darker shade as a color corrector and then going in with the lighter one gave me my perfect match. (Side note: I’d love to see the brand create color correctors that can be paired with the concealers so everyone can customize their shades to best fit their skin tones without having to buy two different shades.)

It’s important to note that if you tend to experience sweat or body odor, you’ll want to pair this with your normal antiperspirant. If you have sensitive skin, it’s also worth doing a spot test before applying it to your delicate armpit area; it contains both fragrance and baking soda, which are two ingredients that can be potentially irritating. Additionally, a little goes a long way: there is only about one ounce of product in this one, while other deodorants on the market typically have around two and a half ounces.

Rating: ★★★☆☆


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