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Reyna Roberts’s Must Haves | POPSUGAR Beauty


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Whether you were introduced to Reyna Roberts as one of the girls on Beyoncé’s cover of “Black Bird” on “Cowboy Carter” or you’ve been following her career since her hit song “Stomping Grounds,” you can’t deny the singer is well on her way to becoming one of the biggest names in country music.

“I’ve grown up listening to all genres of music,” Roberts tells PS. “As a songwriter, when I was finding myself, I realized that a lot of the songs I was writing were country in nature and that’s when I decided to move to Nashville in 2020.” Roberts, who was born in Alaska but “considers the world [her] hometown,” describes her musical style as country plus. “It’s country plus hip hop, plus pop, plus all the other genres that I love,” she says. “I put it all together to make my kind of country.”

It’s this unique “country plus” sound that got her noticed by Beyoncé and ultimately tapped for a feature on the star’s album — a moment that Roberts describes as awe-inspiring. “Beyoncé is my favorite artist,” she says. “She always has been. She’s my biggest inspiration. To be uplifted and championed by my favorite artist in the world is . . . I’m in awe of it even now. There [have] been so many opportunities and so many more doors open as she celebrates the voices of women in country music.”

With a newly minted stamp of approval from Queen Bey herself, all eyes are on Roberts as she continues her rise to stardom. In the process, people have started to notice the singer’s penchant for a good beauty moment, particularly because of her signature bright red hair color.

Ahead, Roberts reveals all of her must-have products, including the combination of colors that gives her hair the signature shade that people have come to love.


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