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Tarot Horoscopes May 2024 | POPSUGAR Latina


You can rest assured you’ll enter May with a sigh of relief after navigating such an intense eclipse season. May is a month of feeling refreshed thanks to its follow-up act after our first Mercury retrograde of the year. If you felt the energy was on pause and your manifestations were slowed down, bring that smile back around because May is picking up the momentum.

The cosmos always work in your favor, and the action never stops. As they say, there’s no rest for the weary because the month begins with a powerful Pluto Retrograde in Aquarius on May. 2, guaranteed to give you meaningful personal progressions. The fixed signs of Aquarius, Leo, Scorpio, and Taurus will feel this retrograde the most.

Basically, expect those signs to undergo huge life transitions worth celebrating. This five-month Pluto Retrograde period will dip its toes in Capricorn one last time for a celestial ovation on Sept. 1. Basically, you’ll want to harness this energy in the month of May by questioning how you can tackle ideas from an innovative approach, which will bring in some major inspiration and achievements for your unique ideations.

The Taurus new moon creates a harmonious conjunction with Venus on May 7. This is the best time to perform money magic and fertility rituals. Taurus represents the Empress in Tarot, making it an energy of abundance and prosperity. The start of Gemini season closes out the month and brings along a Sagittarius full moon as its plus one in the night sky on May 23. This full moon will seem like a doozy, and you’ll likely feel more of an urge to explore spontaneity to soothe the need for a dopamine rush. Stay away from impulsive actions this full moon.

Now, what does your tarotscope have in store for you? Tarotscopes merge the divination tools of tarot and astrology horoscopes based on your zodiac sign to provide you with a magical fusion of forecasting. Read on for your sun and rising signs to understand how May’s tarot reading will influence you.

Tarot Card of the Month: The Sun

The overall tarot card pull for the general collective is The Sun. This month will make you feel jubilant and free. Are you noticing the environment around you shift into an energy of possibility? This is the most positive card to pull in tarot. It represents beginnings, prosperity, and playfulness. This is a month to be relaxed and not so stoic. You will have opportunities to spend money on things you enjoy instead of always feeling like you’re plowing away at work and responsibilities. If you can’t imagine escaping the seriousness of life’s responsibilities, this month will make sure it brings you some fun. Take a break from work this week and connect with nature on a nice walk to make the best of this month.

Esoteric Esa is a writer, astrologer, and expert in the esoteric fields. She’s contributed to HipLatina, Mitú, and Cosmopolitan. Her work focuses on eliminating misconceptions around taboo subjects in Latine spirituality such as astrology, brujería, and decoloniality.


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