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The 14 Best Extra-Deep Sofas to Shop

The 14 Best Extra-Deep Sofas to Shop


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A comfortable couch is the anchor of any home, and if you have the space, an extra-deep sofa is the way to go. It’s so luxurious to lie back and cuddle up without needing an ottoman to rest your feet. An extra-deep sofa is perfect for families and binge-watchers alike — or anyone who prioritizes comfort and a lounge-worthy experience. To help you find the perfect roomy sofa for your apartment or house, interior design expert Gil Walsh of GW Interiors told POPSUGAR her expert tips on the qualities to look for during your search.

Why Buy an Extra-Deep Sofa?

A deep sofa not only makes your living space feel cozier, but it also serves as a functional piece of seating. “Taller people appreciate extra-deep sofas as they are able to sit more comfortably given their height and length of their legs,” Walsh explains. Extra-deep couches are also worth the splurge for those with a habit of sleeping on the sofa and, according to Walsh, “anyone that wants a supreme amount of space to lounge on and has a large enough to house an oversized sofa without it looking out of place.”

What to Look For When Buying a Deep Couch

There are many key factors to consider when investing in furniture, most notably size, fabric, style, function, and cost. For an extra-deep couch, Walsh recommends one with a seat depth of more than 25 inches. “But be mindful of the height,” she warns. “If you’re on the taller side, be sure the sofa isn’t close to the ground, which would make it difficult for you to get on and off.”

When considering fabrics, first you need to determine how you plan to use the sofa and where it will be placed in your home. “Luxurious textures and blends like velvet and blended wools are best for seldom use. If you have children or pets, a durable performance fabric is your best option. Fade-resistant fabrics hold up well when the sofa is in the path of direct sunlight,” Walsh explains.

If you’re planning on having frequent movie nights on your deep-seated couch, we suggest sticking to upholstered fabrics that are easy to keep clean. Walsh has some best practices for keeping your furniture in tip-top shape for a long time. “For upholstered sofas, vacuum them regularly to remove surface soil and dust,” she says. “This prevents them from becoming embedded into the fibers. Gently blot any spills immediately with a clean folded towel. Avoid placing your sofa in direct sunlight as it can cause the fabric to fade or fray, unless you have performance fabric that is made to withstand the power of sunlight.”

With Walsh’s tips in mind, we found 14 of the best extra-deep sofas on the market, many of which are on sale. Our top choice is the editor-favorite Albany Park Kova Pit Sectional Sofa, but there’s something for everyone ahead.

Additional reporting by Angela Elias and Kyley Warren


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