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The Best Water Bottles, According to PS Editors


BrüMate Rotera Water Bottle ($40)

If you’re someone who needs a water bottle with a built-in straw to stay hydrated, the BrüMate Rotera will be your new favorite. Its slim and sleek design is much more practical than meets the eye. The leakproof water bottle has a twist to sip mechanism that lets you keep the sipping straw out and ready to use or retracted into the lid.

It has a silicone sleeve that protects the bottle from drops as well as keeping it grip friendly. Plus, it can keep drinks cold for more than 24 hours with its triple insulated build. It comes in four different sizes, two of which are cup holder friendly, so you can get the one that’s best for your needs. Read more in our in-depth review of the BrüMate Rotera water bottle.

Editor Quote: “I appreciate the Brümate Rotera’s twist-to-sip mechanism, which helps keep the water bottle a bit more sanitary when I’m not actively drinking from the sip straw. With ice in my bottle, the water was at a refreshingly cool temperature for about 30 hours. It could have been more, but I had already drank the water from the bottle by that point. It’s also so chic. The colorways and the modern silhouette make me feel like the ultimate cool girl.” — Anvita Reddy, Assistant Editor, Commerce


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