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Unsexy Beauty Products Our Editors Swear By


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There’s a new trend sweeping Beauty TikTok where users reveal the “unsexy” beauty products in their routines that work like a charm. From body oils to tongue scrapers and everything in between, people are raiding their bathroom shelves to talk about all of the items they swear by but wouldn’t necessarily take a shelfie of. These items are effective and get the job done — they just don’t have the cutest packaging or Instagrammable results.

As editors, we get to try products that run the gamut from dirt cheap to extremely expensive. Due to the nature of our roles, it’s our duty to try everything with a neutral lens and report back on whether they work. While we love aesthetically pleasing bottles and pretty formulas that make us want to snap a picture, sometimes the best products are the ones that just work – sans any other bells and whistles.

What’s “unsexy” about a product can mean different things to different people. For some, it’s the packaging that it comes in; for others, it can be what the item is used for. Still, the unifying quality of all of these items is that they deliver incredible results regardless of all that.

As such, we’ve decided to share our favorite unsexy beauty products that we can’t live without and would recommend in a heartbeat. From deodorant to healing ointments, keep reading for the items we always keep in stock (and hidden within our medicine cabinets).


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