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Zayn’s Tattoos and Their Meanings

Zayn’s Tattoos and Their Meanings


Malik’s chest is covered designs that he’s amassed over the years. He has a skull on each side, wings across his chest, Arabic lettering, and Hadid’s eyes at the base of it all. He has two different pieces of Arabic on his chest, one that says, “Be true to who you are,” according to a Twitter post, and another that is his grandfather’s name, Walter.

The singer’s right arm has a bevy of designs. On his right arm, there is a bandana design wrapped around the top of his arm, near his elbow. Below that, he has the word “chillin” with a little palm tree. In the middle of his arm, he has a hand with its fingers crossed. Beneath that one, you can see a number, and it’s part of his “X Factor” audition number, 165,616, which he has scattered around the arm. Besides the one in honor of the talent show, he’s never explained the meanings behind these designs.
‘s eyes is another mandala tattoo that juts out from what was once a simple design of wings and a skull in the middle of his chest that has been expanded into a larger colored piece. He also used to have a set of lips tattooed on his chest that he’s since covered.

On his torso, he has a filled-in black heart to cover a previous tattoo that said, “born lucky,” in Chinese, as well as a holstered gun on his side. On his ribs, he has a playing card that says, “a pirate’s life for me,” underneath it. He also has “DON’T THINK I WON’T” tattooed on his lower abdomen. While that is a line from the song “Don’t Think I Won’t” by Mark Wills, Malik hasn’t made any public mention of getting the tattoo for that reason.


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