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10 Comfy, Stylish Sneakers That Are Perfect For Busy Moms


Moms understand the demands of raising kids are boundless – and that means being ready and prepared for whatever the day brings is requisite for the job. When you’re on your feet for hours at a time, chasing after little ones and shuttling them from activity to activity, the right pair of sneakers can be a game changer. (And since you’re not like a regular mom, you’re a cool mom, you of course want to maintain your sense of style amid the chaos.) But what should moms look for in a pair of kicks that can keep up with their busy days?

“The key features moms should consider are whether the shoes have a wide enough toe box, whether they are the correct size, and whether they have the appropriate amount of flexibility in the sole of the shoe,” board-certified podiatrist Dr. Alissa Kuizinas, DPM, tells PS. “Many sneakers and casual shoes have narrow toe boxes and stiff soles that can be very destructive for feet and can cause day-to-day foot pain as well.”

If you’re searching for a comfortable walking sneaker that will withstand your packed to-do list, stylish kicks that can take you from playdate to night out, or a tennis shoe that offers the proper support for your achy arches, we’ve got you covered. Here are 10 sneakers for active moms looking for a sneaker that can multitask as a reliable work shoe for days in and out of the home.

– Additional reporting by Angela Elias


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