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12 Veggie Snacks That Are Dietician-Approved

12 Veggie Snacks That Are Dietician-Approved


You’ve probably heard countless times — from your mom, your doctor, or strangers on the internet — that you need to eat more vegetables. We hate to be the bearers of bad news, but that age-old lecture still rings true today. Thankfully, working towards a more balanced diet doesn’t have to be the chore it’s often made out to be. Veggie snacks are already known for their nutritional benefits, but there are plenty of healthy vegetable snacks that don’t sacrifice great taste. To spark some inspiration, we spoke to dietitians about the best vegetable snack ideas, including veggie protein snacks, to help pack in the nutrients. Rest assured, all of their suggestions are quick, convenient, and way more delicious than a handful of raw baby carrots.

The United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) recommends getting at least two to four cups of vegetables per day, but so many of us fall short. In fact, a 2022 report by the CDC found that only one in 10 US adults are eating the recommended amount of vegetables. Sorry, mom. Vegetable snacks just might be the solution to closing this dietary gap.

In all fairness, upping your produce consumption is sometimes easier said than done. Fresh vegetables can spoil quickly, they can run up the grocery bill, and they’re not always accessible to everyone. But the fact remains: eating vegetables is important for your health, says Samantha Presicci, LD, CPT, registered dietitian at FOND Bone Broth. “They’re rich in fiber, which is satiating and supports good gut health, and they’re a . . . more nutrient-dense option compared to most packaged snacks on the market,” Presicci says.

If you’re looking to load up on vegetables in the easiest way possible, the answer might lie in snacks. “Especially when paired with a healthy fat, veggie snacks are an awesome way to stay full and satisfied until your next meal,” Presicci says.

Stocking your pantry or fridge with veggie snacks can help you remember to reach for those instead of less-nutritious options when hunger strikes. And pairing veggies with other foods you already love to create veggie protein snacks can help you enjoy them even more (getting enough vegetables does not need to mean miserably chewing on raw kale).

If you’re bored of munching on underdressed salads, keep reading for tons of filling, nutritious veggie snack options from dietitians. Many also happen to be vegetarian snack options, vegan snack options, and completely customizable to your personal tastes.


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