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Martha Stewart’s Must Haves | POPSUGAR Shopping

Martha Stewart’s Must Haves | POPSUGAR Shopping


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Martha Stewart is everything, everywhere, all at once — and damn good at it. Long before Pinterest or lifestyle influencers entered our cultural zeitgeist, there was Stewart, the woman behind (seemingly) every bestselling cookbook, furniture line, and home-decor trend under the sun.

While she’s been revered as a “new age Julia Child,” Stewart’s undefinable, decades-spanning career proves she can’t exactly be characterized as just another lifestyle personality; rather, she’s reimagined the space entirely. From one-pan pasta recipes to duvet collections and guides for hosting an unforgettable outdoor soirée, the “Martha Stewart” brand is so ever-expanding, it’s impossible to find something still untouched by the mogul.

Even at 82 years old, she’s continuing to explore new avenues for it. Case in point: her latest partnership with Miracle-Gro. In celebration of the spring gardening season, Stewart has teamed up with the brand to launch its newest organic gardening soil — the Miracle-Gro Organic Raised Bed & Garden Soil.

“I’ve been gardening since I was 3 years old and have always used Miracle-Gro products. Last year when I decided to change my vegetable garden into a raised-bed garden, it just occurred to me that this new soil would be a great thing to fill all the beds with,” Stewart says. “I’d never had a better vegetable garden. So, I’m sold on the fact that this soil does work extremely well and grows beautiful, large vegetables in a shorter period of time than a normal garden soil.”

As with most of Stewart’s collaborations, the partnership’s M.O. isn’t to simply appeal to gardening savants — though they’re sure to appreciate the product, too — but to also inspire a new wave of people to get outside and get their hands dirty.

In an exclusive interview with PS, Stewart spoke with us about her work with Miracle-Gro, best tips for new gardeners, and all of the must-have products she can’t live without. From a nighttime cleansing oil to a high-tech juicer, keep reading to shop her essentials.


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