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90 Gym Captions For Instagram


The power of a good gym pic should honestly be studied. There’s just something so rewarding about commemorating a workout with a humble social media flex. Gym selfies allow you to post your gains and show off your progress. If it’s not a mirror selfie documenting your cute gym ‘fit, it might be a real-talk selfie with a motivational gym quote. The most difficult part of the post — besides working up the courage to actually take a picture at the gym — is coming up with the right caption. And let’s be honest: if you don’t post the gym selfie, did you even work out?

While those feel-good workout endorphins can offer up a bright idea every now and then, other times, your brain might be too exhausted to think of any witty gym captions. Maybe you’re finally ready to share all those sweaty selfies and progress pics, but you just don’t know what to say. To make the brainstorming easier, we came up with a long list of gym captions for Instagram to inspire you and your feed, helping you spread some motivation, show off your hard work, or simply chronicle your latest sweat sesh.

Consider your next Instagram or TikTok post a way to savor the benefits of a good workout . . . and if a bunch of likes and nice comments roll in (thanks to one of these clever gym captions or fitness quotes), that’s just an added bonus. Get inspired with the gym captions for Instagram below, whether you’re looking for something funny, empowering, or a little bit of both.

Funny Gym Captions For Instagram

These funny gym captions are the perfect way to take a hot gym selfie from thirsty to thoughtful.

  1. Working out for whatever Megan Thee Stallion is training for.
  2. This Barbie got her workout in.
  3. Just peachy. 🍑
  4. Anyone else on Team Commando?
  5. Omg I’m hot girl fit . . . @sydneysweeney.
  6. I may not have the strength left to get out of this sports bra.
  7. Trying to keep up with Rihanna’s backup dancers.
  8. Will I be able to walk tomorrow? Only time will tell.
  9. I’ve got a date with DOMS tomorrow.
  10. Not ~not~ skipping leg day.
  11. My Apple Watch made me do it.
  12. Warning: Objects in mirror are stronger than they appear.
  13. When in doubt, squat it out.
  14. Damn, legs again??
  15. I run this shit like cardio. 💨
  16. Am I a Pilates girlie yet?
  17. I be up in the gym, just working on my fitness. 🎶
  18. Don’t sweat it. 😅
  19. (No) flex zone.
  20. Is it appropriate to show up to brunch like this?
  21. Dreaming of my post-workout smoothie.
  22. Let’s get physical.
  23. Over/under on when my deodorant failed.
  24. Leggings passed the squat test. 👌
  25. Chasing an endorphin rush.
  26. Keep your squats low and your standards high.
  27. What, like it’s hard?
  28. G.T.L. baby. Gym, tan, laundry!
  29. Catch me on my couch later.
  30. Meet you at the bar . . . bell.
  31. You’re my inspo. 😉
  32. Only worked out so I could show off my gym ‘fit.
  33. Guess how many times I almost quit.
  34. Workouts are my happy hour.
  35. In the wise words of Naomi Smalls, “Every day is leg day.”
  36. Life has its ups and downs — we call them squats.
  37. Chat, are these gains real?
  38. I’m in a good place right now. Not emotionally, I’m just at the gym.
  39. This workout brought to you by my emotional support water bottle.
  40. The guy on the treadmill next to me didn’t know we were racing. (I won.)
  41. Cute gym fit 🤝 even better workout.
  42. Still on my 12-3-30 ish.
  43. Praying that I used the machines right.
  44. I got 99 problems, but I’m going to the gym to ignore all of them.
  45. It’s my workout, I can cry if I want to.
  46. Weights before dates.
  47. Body-ody-ody-ody-ody. 💪
  48. With my BFF Jim.
  49. Good things come to those who weight.
  50. The glutes are glutin.’
  51. Me and the gym, we just work out.
  52. Burns so good. 🔥
  53. Passed the gusset check @whitneyysimmons.
  54. GymTok didn’t prepare me for this.

Motivational Gym Captions For Instagram

Take your workouts more seriously? Here are some motivational gym captions to inspire yourself and others, including some exercise motivation quotes.

  1. Taking it one rep at a time.
  2. Fall in love with the process, and the results will come.
  3. Sore today, stronger tomorrow.
  4. Take care of your body. It’s where you live.
  5. Never not training.
  6. Only competing against myself.
  7. Work for it.
  8. On good days, work out. On bad days, work out harder.
  9. Working toward the best version of myself.
  10. Focus on yourself.
  11. Sweat now, shine later.
  12. Stronger body, stronger mind.
  13. One day your hardest workout will be your warmup.
  14. Work in progress.
  15. Leveling up!
  16. Post-workout flex. 💪
  17. Proud of the progress.
  18. Growing and glowing.
  19. Finishing the week off strong.
  20. Trust the process.
  21. In honor of a workout well done.
  22. It’s not sweat, it’s the post-workout glow.
  23. Your future self will thank you.
  24. Always feel my best after hitting the gym.
  25. Work hard in silence, let your success be the noise.
  26. How you do anything is how you do everything.
  27. Train hard or remain the same.
  28. Change your body by changing your mindset.
  29. Work. Train. Repeat.
  30. Stop thinking, start doing.
  31. This is what we call growth.
  32. Working on me, for me. 🫶
  33. It’s not about how you feel before, it’s about how you feel after.
  34. Fitness is a marathon, not a sprint.
  35. Take care of your body as if you were going to live forever.
  36. Better every day.

Toria Clarke is a freelance writer and POPSUGAR contributor.

Lauren Mazzo was the senior fitness editor at PS. She is a certified personal trainer and fitness nutrition specialist through the American Council on Exercise. Prior to joining PS, she worked for six years as a writer and editor for Shape Magazine covering health, fitness, nutrition, mental health, sex and relationships, beauty, and astrology.

Chandler Plante is an assistant editor for POPSUGAR Health & Fitness. Previously, she worked as an editorial assistant for People magazine and contributed to Ladygunn, Millie, and Bustle Digital Group. In her free time, she overshares on the internet, creating content about chronic illness, beauty, and disability.


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