Home Entertainment Madison Beer Goes Behind the Scenes of ‘Make You Mine’ Music Video

Madison Beer Goes Behind the Scenes of ‘Make You Mine’ Music Video

Madison Beer Goes Behind the Scenes of ‘Make You Mine’ Music Video


The singer takes Rolling Stone along for the ride as she creates her take on Jennifer’s Body complete with cheer routines, bloody locker rooms, and a gymnasium transformed into a rave

On set for her “Make You Mine” music video, Madison Beer is as commanding behind the camera as she is in front of it. The singer and songwriter took Rolling Stone behind the scenes of the shoot as she co-directed and starred in a four-minute take on Karyn Kusama’s Jennifer’s Body. Set at a high school, Beer meets with her team of cheerleaders first, stepping into cheer routines and doing makeup checks in between approving footage.

The scenes in the gymnasium, in particular, reveal the magic of tight shots, like when the BTS camera captures about 10 students sitting on the bleachers in a scene that — in the official video — looks as though it could have featured a couple of dozen people. The rave scene is especially striking as the gym comes to double as a dance floor drenched in strobe lights. Beer begins to lose herself in the party scene, surrounded by the same girls who made up her cheer squad.

Elsewhere, the musician struts down the hallways of the high school and gets dressed up with blood for her locker room slaying. The dip in the pool for a haunting recreation of Megan Fox’s original scene in Jennifer’s Body comes last. Then, it’s time to wrap up. When Rolling Stone catches up with Beer in a classroom at the end of the shoot, her wet hair is slicked back, and she’s traded her cheer uniform for a Dallas Cowboys pullover and her pom-poms for a bouquet of red roses.


Beer directed the entirety of “Make You Mine” alongside Aerin Moreno. The pair previously collaborated on the singer’s “Home to Another One” and “Spinnin” music videos.

“Making this video and directing it with @aerinmoreno was such a dream come true,” Beer wrote on Instagram last week. “Thank u to everyone involved in executing this and thanks to you guys for loving this song so much we got to make a video.”


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