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Best Oral Care and Dental Products

Best Oral Care and Dental Products


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Given the growing fascination with oral-care procedures such as jaw Botox, composite bonding, and other dental-care treatments, it’s hardly surprising that a wave of innovative products has surged in popularity alongside them. (Think: high-tech toothbrushes, unique-flavored toothpaste, tongue scrapers, and the list goes on.) While practicing good dental hygiene, like brushing twice daily and using mouthwash regularly, will always be important, you’re not alone if you’re also interested in what other tools exist to level up your oral-care game.

These days, the sky is the limit when it comes to oral-care innovations. There are “smart” electric toothbrushes that sync up to smartphone apps for insights into how you can brush your teeth more effectively, fun-flavored floss crafted from recycled water bottles, and, not to mention, mess-free toothpaste tablets perfect for avid travelers. To help you narrow down the ones worth trying, we’ve curated a guide to the best oral-care products on the market right now. Keep scrolling to shop our favorites.


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