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Third Incident Reported Outside Drake’s Toronto Mansion

Third Incident Reported Outside Drake’s Toronto Mansion


After one of the rapper’s security guards was shot earlier this week, two people have since attempted to trespass on Drake’s Bridle Path property

Drake‘s Toronto mansion continues to be a magnet for police activity this week as another trespasser was apprehended at the Bridle Path property Thursday.

On Wednesday and Thursday, individuals attempting to trespass on Drake’s property were met by his security unit and ultimately arrested by police. Rolling Stone confirmed that the first person was apprehended under the Ontario Mental Health Act, and as such, his identity was not revealed. The incident is not being treated as a criminal matter.

According to NBC News, a second person attempted to trespass outside Drake’s mansion on Thursday afternoon and was also met by the rapper’s security. This led to a confrontation that resulted in the trespasser being taken to the hospital. Toronto Police have not yet revealed details of the second trespasser.

Both incidents followed a shooting earlier this week outside the Bridle Path mansion, where one of Drake’s security guards suffered an apparent gunshot wound. That man was taken to the hospital with “very serious injuries” and remains there, Inspector Paul Krawczyk of the Toronto Police told Rolling Stone.


After the shooting, the suspect reportedly fled in a vehicle, but no descriptions of either the person or the car have been provided. The investigation is still ongoing.

All three incidents come amid Drake’s ongoing war of words with Kendrick Lamar, which has spawned over a half-dozen diss tracks, including “Not Like Us,” which featured cover art of a satellite photograph of the Bridle Path mansion, dotted with markers used for the homes of registered sex offenders.  However, there is no evidence that the incidents at Drake’s mansion are in any way connected to the rap beef, which has for now quieted since the release of Drake’s “The Heart Part 6.”


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