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Best Packing Cubes | POPSUGAR Smart Living


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Frequent travelers can attest: if you don’t pack properly, your entire trip could start off on the wrong foot. In the security line, you’ll be rummaging through a jumbled pile of socks, leggings, and underwear just to find your toiletries. On the plane, you’ll hold up the boarding process while you squeeze (read: aggressively jam) your overstuffed carry-on into the overhead bin. Even once you settle into your hotel room, you’ll struggle to find your favorite pair of jeans without having to empty out the entire suitcase. This is where having a quality packing cube set can make all the difference.

Sure, small-suitcase packing tips and vacation checklists can help you figure out what to bring, but they won’t keep you organized quite as effectively as packing cubes.

How to Use Packing Cubes

These simple yet genius fabric organizers allow you to separate your belongings into different compartments within your suitcase for easy packing and unpacking. Compression packing cubes, in particular, can even help to shrink the amount of space bulkier items like sweaters or socks take up in your luggage.

From affordable Amazon packing cubes to stylish travel packing organizers and even Calpak packing cubes that come in a range of colors and sizes, there are so many sets you can shop online. Ahead, we rounded up the best packing cubes from retailers like Away, Monos, Paravel, and more.


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