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Café Tacvba Return With ‘La Bas(e),’ A Bold Anthem for Immigrants


Café Tacvba officially dropped “La Bas(e)” on Wednesday (May 22), marking their first release in seven years following their eighth studio album, Jei Beibi. The new track was co-produced by the Mexican band and their longtime Grammy-winning collaborator Gustavo Santaolalla.



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See latest videos, charts and news

The single showcases invigorating Latin rock rhythms paired with a Fender electric and a resonator guitar, creating a unique electric-twangy sound that clashes brilliantly with dynamic drumming. Its socially conscious lyrics voice solidarity with immigrants. “Rolling and rolling/ Looking for some place to work/ Night and day, day and night/ No one is illegal, the world is our home,” frontman Rubén Albarrán sings.

According to a press release, “La Bas(e)” champions themes of “unity, liberty, brotherhood, and a safe way of life for immigrants, eliminating borders,” while it “dreams of a world where all humans are watching out for each other.” The chorus (“1, 2, 3 por ti, 1, 2, 3, por mí”) is inspired by a popular Mexican children’s game.

Serving as a preview to their forthcoming U.S. tour with Caifanes, the song will lead the band to iconic venues such as the Hollywood Bowl and Central Park SummerStage. For complete U.S. tour dates, click here.

Bassist Quique Rangel shared with Billboard Español the impacting message of the song. “Over the years during our U.S. tours, we have connected with people from our homeland and other Latin countries who sought opportunities to thrive by relocating with their families,” Rangel explains. “Our concerts become a celebration with our music, accompanying them in lands that are no longer so foreign.”

As longstanding advocates for cultural diversity and social justice, band members Albarrán, Emmanuel del Real, Enrique and Joselo Rangel use their music and public presence to fight against inequality and stand up for the marginalized.

This year, they celebrate their 35th anniversary. Stream the song below:


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