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Best Sofas With Washable Covers

Best Sofas With Washable Covers


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Buying a new sofa is a big investment, especially if you’re moving into your first apartment or home. You’ll want something that’s comfortable, stylish, and, most of all, durable. Whether you have a household with kids or pets or you’re just a self-proclaimed spiller (guilty), you might consider opting for a furniture piece that has simple cleaning options. For couches, it doesn’t get much easier than sofas with washable covers: simply take the cover off, throw it in the wash, and it’s like you have a new couch again.

With so many different types of sofas that are available to shop online, it can be overwhelming trying to determine which piece is the perfect fit for you and your home. To help you in your search for the best sofas with washable covers, we enlisted design expert and founder of Coley Home, Coley Hull, who offered a few tips on what to look for when shopping out a slipcovered sofa, as well as which materials hold up the best against unwanted dirt or stains.

What to Look For in a Sofa With Washable Covers Or a Slipcover

“I am a huge fan of slipcovers and they are becoming more and more popular. It is so nice to be able to clean your sofa when needed,” says Hull, whose own home furniture brand has embraced the slipcover sofa trend with a sleeper model of its own. With the rise of remote work, people are spending more time at home than ever before, and thus, are also looking for more durable furniture that can withstand extended use.

When it comes to shopping out the right slipcover for your home space, Hull recommends sticking with medium-weight linens and cottons, saying that “these natural fibers wash beautifully and are very environmentally friendly.” According to Hull, another crucial thing you’ll want to double-check is that the inside slipcover is overlocked on any models you’re considering. “Some companies skip this step to save on production costs. If the slipcover is not properly finished, the slipcover will fall apart in the wash,” Hull warns.

With all of these great expert tips in mind, we went ahead and shopped out a few of the best slipcover sofas you can buy online right now, with options that range from a large cozy sectional to a small-space option that’s great for pet owners.

Regardless of what you’re in the market for, these models all have one thing in common: they feature smart removable, washable covers that can handle all of life’s biggest messes. Ahead, we rounded up the best sofas with washable covers below. We chose our picks based on a range of factors, including the price point, number of positive reviews, durability of the material, and other expert considerations recommended by Hull. Keep reading to see our picks.

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