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BTS’ RM Injured on ‘Come Back To Me’ Music Video Set, Needed Stitches


The video shoot for RM‘s latest single, “Come Back to Me,” took an unexpected turn when the BTS member had to make a stop at the hospital following an injury on set. He only needed a few stitches, but video director Lee Sung Jin told The Hollywood Reporter that the incident felt far more serious to him.

“He bent down and his head hit the camera and it was a giant gash on his eye,” the director and Beef creator explained. “Immediately I thought, ‘Oh great, I’m going to be deported immediately because I’ve just scratched this national treasure.’”

RM was at the center of the video that assembled what Lee — who also wrote and produced the visual — referred to as the “Korean Avengers,” including himself, the singer, cinematographer Kim Woo-hyung, art director and production designer Ryu Seong-hie, actress Kim Minha, actors Joseph Lee and Kang Gilwoo, and more. The shoot spanned three long days in Paju and required extensive rehearsals.

“To his credit, he went to the hospital, got stitched up, came back and he was ready to go,” Lee said about RM hustling through his injury. “He was so versatile and open to direction, and I think he was also pushing me. He would come and check the monitor and be like, ‘Oh, I think we can get that one a little bit better.’”


He added: “It was really refreshing. I thought I was going to be coming into something that was a little bit more of the traditional K-pop structure, but I think RM and Team RM are really all about creating a new chapter for K-pop, creating a new path forward and I was just honored to be a small part of it.”

“Come Back to Me” will be featured on RM’s forthcoming studio album Right Place, Wrong Person, out May 24. A press release for the single explained: “Through ‘Come Back To Me,’ RM explores the central theme of the new album, ‘right and wrong,’ delving into the paradoxical desire to venture into new territories while longing to remain content in the present.”


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