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Bunnie XO Meets Her ‘Hall Pass’ Chris Motionless


Step aside, Jelly Roll!

Bunnie XO took to TikTok this week to post a hilarious video in which she met Motionless in White’s frontman, Chris Motionless, whom she playfully called her “hall pass.” She captioned the slow motion montage of shaking the rocker’s hand with Celine Dion’s enduring love song, “Power of Love.”

“You could say we’re in love now,” she joked in the caption. Bunnie then took to her Instagram Stories to respond to hate on the clearly facetious video, noting that she and her husband Jelly Roll have been “giggling over it,” even adding a screen shot in which the “Need a Favor” superstar texted his wife to let her know that her “TikTok is so funny.”



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“Sorry y’all aren’t comfortable in your own skin and too insecure to let your s/o joke around,” she wrote on her Instagram Stories. “I’d hate to live in a cage like that. Y’all forget my husband is my bestfriend and love of my life.”

She followed up by pointing out the “double standards” of social media, referring to a video in which Jelly met his celebrity crush, Taylor Swift. “I didn’t even hug [Chris] lmao,” she wrote. I shook his hand and y’all know how much I hate shaking hands.”


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