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Camila Cabello Did Not Listen to Lana Del Rey Days Before Coachella


Camila Cabello had to give Lana Del Rey‘s music a break before they performed together at Coachella this year. In a new interview for Armchair Expert with Dax Shepard, the “I Luv It” singer shared that she had to stop herself from listening to Del Rey’s songs in order to not freak out before their performance.

“I just did Coachella with Lana… I had to not listen to her music for 4 days because I can’t be a fan,” Cabello said on the podcast. “Being a fan is tricky.”

Lana Del Rey brought out Cabello during Coachella weekend two for a fun, energy-shifting performance of her hyper-pop single “I Luv It.”

“This is my girl. I have so much fun with her. I love this song to death,” Del Rey said after coquettishly repeating the song’s chorus early in her set. “Thank you so much, angel, for coming to sing with me.”

”This is an honor, you’re one of my favorite artists of all time. Thank you so much,” Cabello replied.

During the Armchair Expert episode, Cabello also opened up about being a big pop culture fan growing up — she had a Belieber, Directioner, and Swiftie phase, the last of which is “ongoing” — and how she embraced being placed in Fifth Harmony as a teen.

“I was such a big One Direction fan that I was like, ‘Whoa, this is crazy. I’m living this reality,” Cabello said. “I was immediately embracing of it. I was like, ‘This shit is fire.’ In elementary school, I pretended to be in girl groups with my friends. I was probably in four girl groups before Fifth Harmony.”

“I could see as a fan how it’s really interesting to see five completely different personalities. It’s a crazy social experiment,” she added.


The new interview with Cabello comes days after she released her single “He Knows” featuring Lil Nas X, ahead of her new album C, XOXO, out June 28. The artwork features her licking a bright blue lollipop with bleach-blonde hair framing her face. The singer teased the album title on Sunday evening while attending the F1 Grand Prix in Miami, captioning a thread of photos with: “fast cars are so c,xoxo.”

“It’s really sitting in the discomfort of things and realizing there’s not gonna be a neat, in-a-box answer,” Cabello recently explained about her approach to the album during an appearance on Call Her Daddy. “I feel strong in these ways, weak in these ways, and there’s no real clear answer here.”


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