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Factor Meals Review: Is the Service Really Worth It?


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When I was younger, I dreamt that I’d grow up to be a hybrid between Joan Didion and Martha Stewart — a writer of thought-provoking essays by day and a distinguished homemaker with a knack for elaborate cooking by night. In my visions, I’d be drafting the chapters for my next book in one hand and simultaneously whipping up a slow-poached salmon with the other. These visions of grandeur were fun — for the one week of my adulthood that they actually panned out — but eventually, reality humbled me and I quickly learned that having a full-time job, healthy personal life, and balanced diet is much easier said than done.

In order to keep my sanity (and health) in check, I’ve since traded my cookbook-centric fantasies for something a bit more reasonable within this current season of my life: a subscription to a meal-delivery service. And not just any service, but Factor Meals Food Delivery Service ($104). After months of hearing the brand name on seemingly every podcast — and then watching Brittany Mahomes (the wife of NFL quarterback Patrick Mahomes) casually shout-out the meal program on her Instagram story — I finally felt compelled to give it a try. I mean, is there a better recommendation than having a superstar athlete’s family vouch for your service’s effectiveness? When you’re as much of a nonathlete as me, the answer is quite simply no.

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After using this service for almost a month now, I understand why it’s so loved by celebrities and athletes alike. The brand’s ethos is steeped in freshness and a commitment to delivering high-quality, easy-to-cook meals that are perfect for all types of taste palettes and lifestyles. Ahead, I break down everything to know about the healthy meal program, including who it’s best for, how it compares to other brands, and why it’s changed my weekly eating habits for the better. Keep reading for my full Factor meals review.

What to Consider Before Subscribing to a Meal-Delivery Service

I’ve tried several meal-delivery services and have found that each one caters to consumers differently. Factor, for example, delivers fresh and healthy meals weekly, with premade dishes that are designed to be consumed ASAP and stored within your refrigerator. This service is great for people who are limited on time and want delicious, easy-to-cook meals — fast. Alternatively, brands like Purple Carrot deliver ingredients and recipes, rather than whole meals; this is a wonderful option for those who still want to enjoy the pleasures of cooking chef-quality meals, without the hassle of grocery shopping each week. I even reviewed Purple Carrot to get a sense of how the service compares to other meal-delivery brands.

Some services offer meal plans based on the number of meals you’d like to receive, while others go by daily nutritional recommendations so that your dishes feel more personalized. I recommend taking a couple things into account before subscribing to a meal-delivery service: how many meals do you want to receive each week? How many people are you looking to feed within your household? What is your motive for purchasing a meal-delivery subscription as opposed to cooking on your own? And what is your monthly budget in terms of what you’re willing to spend? You can read our complete guide to the best meal-delivery kits for more inspiration.

What I Like About Factor Meals

I love cooking as much as the next person, but sometimes the prospect of grocery shopping for new ingredients or cooking up a complex meal can feel incredibly daunting, especially when I’m coming off of a long day at work or getting back from a trip. This is where having Factor has been such a gamechanger. Each week, I can peruse the brand’s wide variety of meal options and select however many fit into my meal plan. Factor offers different meal plans that are dependent on how many you’d like to receive each week and how many people are in your household. Once my meal requests are saved, I can expect a delivery with all of my dishes in no time.

Unlike other meal-delivery services, Factor’s offerings arrive fresh and only need to be refrigerated. As someone with a smaller freezer, this is huge a relief on the space front. Each dish has been carefully designed by chefs and dietitians, plus they even feature a convenient “Enjoy By” date printed across the front, so you know exactly how long before the meals expire. I love that all of the dishes are incredibly easy to cook, with a prep process that requires no more than a couple minutes of cooking time and a standard microwave.

Arguably the biggest bonus of all is just how much using Factor has helped me to cut down on waste, both in what I’m spending and throwing out. I live by myself, which means that cooking for one person (at least most nights) can be quite complicated. I find myself spending more than what’s necessary while grocery shopping and then throwing away more food than I’d prefer to at the end of each week, simply because I don’t have the capacity — or time — to eat it all before it goes bad. With Factor, each meal equals one adult serving, so it provides me with just enough food and nutritional value to act as a proper dinner, with zero leftovers afterwards.

What’s Worth Noting About Factor Meals

Factor’s meals are made from the freshest, highest quality ingredients, which means they also have a short shelf life compared to other meal subscription services. While some brands deliver premade meals frozen, Factor delivers its meals in insulated boxes, which replicate the temperature of a standard refrigerator; this ensures the dishes arrive as fresh as possible. Each meal has an expiration date printed on it that lets recipients know how long the dish is good for, which typically extends to about a week out from its delivery date.

While Factor’s meals resemble frozen food packs, they’re not designed to be thrown into your freezer and forgotten about until you’re in the mood to eat them. In order to get the most for your money — and ensure no food goes to waste — each one needs to be eaten within seven days of its delivery.

Who Are Factor Meals Best For?

If you (like me) are overbooked, exhausted, but still committed to maintaining a balanced and nourishing diet, I can’t recommend Factor enough. There are so many different meal options to choose from, so everyone’s taste palette is represented — whether you’re a vegetarian, someone in the market for meatier dishes, or someone who wants to follow a strict keto diet. They’re also incredibly easy to cook. Most of the meals only require a couple minutes in the microwave or oven before they’re ready to serve. I love that despite my ever-changing schedule, I can enjoy the constant of having a delicious, nutritional meal available in my kitchen at all times. Those with equally hectic schedules, late nights spent at the office, or regular travel commitments will appreciate the ease provided by having a subscription to this practical service.

Where Are Factor Meals Available to Shop?

You can explore Factor’s meal plans exclusively on its website.

Additional Details

  • Each Factor meal is designed to feed one adult for one meal.
  • The brand offers six different plan sizes of six, eight, 10, 12, 14, or 18, and each meal starts at just $11 per serving.
  • Factor customers can choose from 35 healthy meals each week, with dishes constantly changing and rotating between options like roasted garlic chicken, chorizo-spiced ground beef, ground pork tomato bolognese, and so much more.
  • The dishes are delivered straight to your doorstep in an insulated box with gels packs; this helps to keep the meals cold and fresh for several hours, even if you aren’t home when they’re delivered.
  • Factor also offers a nutrition coaching program so that users can tap into expert recommendations in case they aren’t sure which meal options are best suited to their lifestyle and health goals.



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