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Fat Joe Starts Relief Fund for Haiti


Fat Joe, a long-time advocate for humanitarian causes, on Thursday (May 2) announced a new partnership with international charity Food for the Poor to create a new relief fund to uplift Haiti, which is currently undergoing political and economic strife due to the surge in violence within the country. 



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“My heart goes out to all the Haitians that are suffering because of this humanitarian crisis. Many of my close friends are Haitian, so we’ve been watching this tragedy unfold and exploring the most efficient and effective ways to provide meaningful support,” Fat Joe tells Billboard. “All relief items and financial contributions will go directly to Food for the Poor so they can safely distribute the donations directly to the families in need.”

Titled Fat Joe & Friends Relief for Haiti, relief items needed include new and unused portable mattresses, pillows, blankets, diapers, underwear, soap/body wash, shampoo, toothbrushes, toothpaste, deodorant, combs/brushes, solar-powered lanterns, fuel-efficient cooking stoves, mosquito nets, reusable water containers and more.

Since early March, armed gangs have taken over the country, burning down police stations and closing down the airport and the capital, Port-au-Prince. Both the airport and port remain closed during this time. In addition, the armed gangs raided two of the country’s biggest prisons, freeing more than 4,000 inmates. Through late March, 1,500 people were killed and 800 injured during these vicious attacks. In addition, according to the United Nations, more than 50,000 people have fled the country because of the rampant attacks. 

Those looking to donate to the fund can go here.


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