Home Entertainment Ghostface Killah and Nas Team Up for New Track ‘Scar Tissue’

Ghostface Killah and Nas Team Up for New Track ‘Scar Tissue’

Ghostface Killah and Nas Team Up for New Track ‘Scar Tissue’


The track is the lead single from the Wu Tang stalwart’s upcoming album, Set the Tone

Rap legends Ghostface Killah and Nas collaborated on “Scar Tissue,” a single from the Wu-Tang rapper’s upcoming Set The Tone album. The T The Human-produced track showcases the two New York rap stalwarts rhyming back-to-back over a Far East-flavored sample. “Scar Tissue” is their first collaboration since 1995’s “Verbal Intercourse” on Raekwon’s Only Built 4 Cuban Linx. Some listeners may be disappointed by a homophobic slur Ghostface uses on the track, but “Scar Tissue” nonetheless primes his fanbase for Set The Tone, his 12th studio album. 


Set The Tone will be Ghost’s debut album on Mass Appeal Records, as he announced in a viral X post this week. “HOLD TIGHT THIS ALBUM HAS 🔥 FIRE 🔥  SOMETHING FOR EVERYONE…. GUNS & ROSES,” he wrote. Set The Tone is his first solo studio album since 2019’s Ghostface Killahs, a 14-track project entirely produced by Danny Caiazzo. 

So far, there isn’t much information about Set The Tone, an album that’s coming after multiple announcements of other projects over the years. In 2021, Ghostface announced that he was working on Supreme Clientele 2, and that Kanye West and Mike Dean would be the executive producers. In January of 2023, it was revealed that he was planning to release two different versions of an album on the Stem Player and sell them for $240 and $360. The current status of both albums is unclear. 


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