Home Entertainment John Lennon Estate Partners With Lumenate for ‘Mind Games’ Meditations

John Lennon Estate Partners With Lumenate for ‘Mind Games’ Meditations

John Lennon Estate Partners With Lumenate for ‘Mind Games’ Meditations


The app Lumenate has transformed the icon’s 1973 peace and love anthem into nine different meditation mixes

You’ve probably meditated to John Lennon‘s music before, but now you can officially do it on the app Lumenate.

Lennon’s estate partnered with the company to deliver nine meditation mixes of “Mind Games,” the title track to his 1973 record. The song’s mixes are slowed down and extended — with four focusing on the brain waves Beta, Delta, Gamma, and Theta — that work with the app’s frequencies to drive listeners deeper into consciousness.

In addition, the nine mixes are paired with the phone’s flashlight to create a trippy psychedelic experience. The project launches today in honor of Mental Health Awareness Month.

Charlotte Kemp Muhl/Chimera Music

“I’m very happy to be working with Lumenate on this release for Mental Health Awareness Month,” Sean Ono Lennon said in a statement. “I think our ‘Mind Games’ project is fun, meaningful, and potentially mind-expanding. I have been using the Lumenate app for my own personal meditations since it launched, and have had many profound experiences. My father was famously into meditation. I remember trying the ‘flicker machine’ he kept in the bedroom, which is what first introduced me to the idea of stroboscopic brain wave induction. I thought it made sense to combine the music of ‘Mind Games’ with the science of Lumenate. I really hope people enjoy the results as much as I have.” 

“John was trying to convey the message that we all play mind games,” Yoko Ono added. “But if we can play mind games, why not make a positive future with it — to be a positive mind game? ‘Mind Games’ is such an incredibly strong song. At the time, people didn’t quite get the message because this was before its time. Now, people would understand it. I don’t think in those days people knew they were playing mind games anyway.”

The Lumenate announcement arrives just after Lennon’s Help! guitar went up for auction after it was discovered in an attic, where it sat for 50 years. On May 8, the Beatles’ Let It Be film will finally be available to the public, streaming on Disney+.



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