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Karol G’s Tattoos and Their Meanings


When it comes to her signature beauty choices, Karol G’s ever-changing hair color might come to mind, but that’s far from the only form of artistic expression you’ll see from the “Bichota” singer. The trailblazing reggaeton artist, whose real name is Carolina Giraldo Navarro, boasts a meaningful collection that features 21 known pieces of ink, making any search for Karol G’s tattoos an extensive one. Whether it’s her self-assuring Spanish script or the barbed-wire heart design — each one reflects on her personal growth and serves as a marker of memorable moments in her life.

Still, even in a body-art collection that is so personal, one tattoo, in particular, stands out. While some of us may get roman numeral tattoos or pictures of our pets as sentimental pieces, Karol G’s Selena tattoo is one of her favorites. On her right forearm sits a beautiful homage to the three women artists who have inspired her endlessly — the aformentioned Selena Quintanilla, Rihanna, and herself. According to Karol, getting her own mug outline inked alongside these two iconic idols is the ultimate expression of self-love. “People should get more tattoos of themselves,” she told GQ in an April 2023 story. “Because only you know how hard things have been for yourself. No one can feel that except you.”

Aside from an ode to her forever musical inspirations, the Columbian singer has a couple of inks that pay tribute to her Latin roots, including the country code “+57” tattooed on her right hand, as well as some that commemorate her musical journey, such as her matching “200 Copas” tattoo with her friends.

Ahead, we’ve rounded up all of Karol G’s tattoos, along with their relevance. Keep reading to see them up close and learn their meanings.


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