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Van Cleef Nails Are Trending For 2024


Fashion commonly influences beauty trends. From mixed metal nails taking after the trend in the accessories space to bows being incorporated into our french manicures after making a comeback in 2023, it’s a well-documented phenomenon that continues to stand the test of time. The latest manicure to come out of this trend loop? “Van Cleef” nails.

As the name suggests, this trend is inspired by the iconic jewelry brand. “Van Cleef, specifically the four-leaf clover Alhambra collection, has been rapidly increasing in popularity due to the ‘old money’ aesthetic that has been taking over social lately,” celebrity manicurist Julie Kandalec tells PS. “Van Cleef has been around since about the 1900s but this collection originated in 1968, adding to that auspicious feel that the brand has cultivated.”

Still, what exactly are Van Cleef nails and how can you get the look for yourself? Ahead, Kandalenc explains all of that, plus we round up inspiration for you to take with you to your next nail appointment.

What Are Van Cleef Nails?

In short, Van Cleef nails are an old trend being made new again. “Logo nail art has trended on and off for years,” Kandalec says. The manicure is simply a new version of the trend that was everywhere in the ’90s. Remember “LV” nails? What about the “CC” decals that were popular in the mid-’00s? They’re all different versions of the trend we’re seeing today.

One primary difference between the logo-mania trends of the past and Van Cleef nails is that this trend comes at a time when 3D motifs are extremely popular. So instead of hand-painted nail art, numerous Van Cleef nails feature quatrefoil charms on the nail itself, creating a look that’s both timeless and trendy.

How to Get Van Cleef Nails

The trend is pretty simple to achieve. “You can definitely get Van Cleef nails both on your natural nails, as well as on enhancements,” Kandalec says. “If you’re not drawing the design by hand, opt for these caviar beads and glue them onto the nail in the quatrefoil design,” Kandalec says. “Once you’ve perfected the design, paint the inside of the border with a nail color of your choice, then seal everything with a top coat.” If you still can’t picture the trend, keep scrolling for some timely manicure inspiration inspired by these iconic jewels.


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