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Kendrick Lamar Drops 2nd Diss Track Aimed at Drake & More


It’s Friday, May 3rd, and we have lots of new music to get through. Kendrick Lamar hits back at Drake again this week with a second diss track, “6:16 in LA.” The track comes out days after releasing “euphoria.” Dua Lipa released her new album ‘Radical Optimism,’ and she shares the meaning of it and more when she dropped by the studio. Sia drops the new album ‘Reasonable Woman’ after five years since her last album and WILLOW released her highly anticipated album ‘emphathogen.’ We give you a behind the scenes look at WILLOW’s private concert. We sat down with Rapsody, and she shares How It Went Down behind the creation of her latest single “3:AM” with Erykah Badu. J Balvin & Imagine Dragons just launched their new single “Eyes Closed,” Mckenna Grace releases “Gentleman” and more.

Tetris Kelly: 

The Kendrick and Drake beef continues. We’re talking to Dua Lipa. We take you inside WILLOW’s album release party, and Rapsody shows us How It Went Down. It’s Friday, May 3rd, but before you enter the streets, let’s get into this entertainment news, starting with your Friday Music Guide. Dua Lipa is injecting us with some ‘Radical Optimism’ and it’s gonna make you move. More bops later in the show but now your top story. The Kendrick Lamar and Drake beef just won’t end after K.Dot fired off a second explosive track, we’re breaking down some of the top moments. It keeps on going. After so much back and forth like Drake’s “Push Ups” and the just released “euphoria” from Lamar, most fans have crowned their winner, but Kendrick’s gun was still loaded he dropped “6:16 in LA” with some pretty lethal bars towards Drizzy. The Internet is really latching on to the section about OVO. Kendrick at this point seems to be giving advice to Drake, making the Toronto rapper question if his own team even has his back. After Kendrick’s one-two punch is the beef over? Or are we expecting another track from Drake outside of a questionable IG post? Let us know your pick. Sia is back with ‘Reasonable Woman’ and the album’s got all the good stuff you’d expect from her. She’s even recruited the queen Chaka Khan. Dua Lipa might be one of the sweetest people I’ve ever sat down with.

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