Home Entertainment Normani Drops First ‘Dopamine’ Single ‘1:59’ Featuring Gunna

Normani Drops First ‘Dopamine’ Single ‘1:59’ Featuring Gunna

Normani Drops First ‘Dopamine’ Single ‘1:59’ Featuring Gunna


The singer also revealed that her long-awaited album will drop on June 14

Normani has finally given fans a taste of new music. On Friday, the singer-songwriter released “1:59” featuring Gunna — the first single from her upcoming debut album, Dopamine. Along with the new track, Normani also announced that the LP is slated to release on June 14.

“When I get you alone, boy, what you gon’ do with this?/Don’t talk too much, just do this shit/Boy, what you gon’ do with this?” sings Normani against a captivating rhythm, as Gunna offers: “Lock you to the bed, don’t let you move/Baby, help me heal the pain/This don’t feel like lust and I feel love in my veins.”

In February, Normani revealed plans for Dopamine (though at the time, a release date was yet to be announced) and teased the new project with an image of the album cover. “It’s a representation of my evolution. It’s the version of me that’s been through some things over the course of the last few years,” Normani told Who What Wear when discussing the new songs on the LP.


Since launching her solo career in 2018, around the time that Fifth Harmony announced an indefinite hiatus, Normani has released numerous A-list collaborations and has hinted at a debut album for nearly six years.

“For me, this upcoming album is not just about music coming out. It feels like a representation of everything I’ve gone through to get to this moment,” Normani told the outlet. “I know I needed time, experiences, and space coming out of [Fifth Harmony] in order to become the version of myself I needed to be. Without [all of that], I would not be able to exist within the creative space that I am in now. I would not be able to make the type of music I’m making now.”


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