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Through the Wormhole: Media.Monks’ Vision for Enhancing Media and Marketing With AI


Meet Media.Monks’ Wormhole, an alien-like, conversational robot with a quirky personality and the ability to offer keen marketing expertise. Lewis Smithingham, senior vice president of innovation and special ops at Media.Monks, a global marketing and advertising company, discusses the creation of Wormhole and AI’s potential to enhance media and entertainment with host Noah Kravitz in this AI Podcast episode recorded live at the NVIDIA GTC global AI conference. Wormhole was designed to showcase Monks.Flow, an AI-powered platform that streamlines marketing and content creation workflows. Smithingham delves into Media.Monks’ platforms for media, entertainment and advertising and speaks to its vision for a future where AI enhances creativity and allows for more personalized, scalable content creation.

Stay tuned for more episodes recorded live from GTC, and hear more from Smithingham in this GTC interview.

Time Stamps

1:45: What is Media.Monks?
6:23: Description of Wormhole
8:49: Possible use cases for Wormhole
10:21: Takeaways from developing Wormhole
12:02: What is Monks.Flow?
16:54: Response from creatives on using AI in their work
21:23: Smithingham’s outlook on hyperpersonalized content
34:24: What’s next for the future of AI-powered media?

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