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Innbeauty Project Mineral Sun Glow Sunscreen Review


The Innbeauty Project Mineral Sun Glow Sunscreen.
POPSUGAR Photography | Anvita Reddy
POPSUGAR Photography | Anvita Reddy

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As a skin-care lover, I made it my mission to find the best sunscreens on the market. From chemical-based SPFs to mineral-based options, or even hybrid ones, I’ve tried many different formulations to rule out the ones that don’t meet my standards. A great sunscreen has an elegant feel and a formula that complements your skin type. I prefer something that’s lightweight and feels like a hydrating moisturizer. It shouldn’t feel irritating on the skin or the eyes. And it definitely shouldn’t leave a white cast. Because of these criteria, I mostly lean towards chemical sunscreens. However, the Innbeauty Project came out with an SPF that changed my mind about mineral sunscreens.

You’ve probably seen Innbeauty Project’s Mineral Sun Glow Sunscreen ($35) all over TikTok, deemed one of the best sunscreens on the market, and I’m here to tell you that it’s worth the hype. The brand came out with a sunscreen available in two flexible shades — one compatible for lighter skin tones and one compatible for darker skin tones — rather than claiming there’s one universal shade that works for everyone. Ahead, you can read my in-depth review of the Innbeauty Project Mineral Sun Glow Sunscreen in the medium-deep shade.

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About the Innbeauty Project Mineral Sun Glow Sunscreen:

  • It is a zinc-based mineral sunscreen with 14.2 percent non-nano zinc oxide, and it delivers broad spectrum UVA and UVB protection with SPF 43 protection.
  • It contains vitamin C and rice extract for added antioxidant protection, peptides to help deliver a plump appearance, and hydroviton 24, which helps keep the skin hydrated.
  • It comes in two flexible shades: fair-medium and medium-deep.
  • It’s great for normal, dry, and combination skin types, as well as sensitive skin.
  • It’s fragrance-free, vegan, cruelty-free, gluten-free, and reef-safe.

What I Like About the Innbeauty Project Mineral Sun Glow Sunscreen

Woman wearing the Innbeauty Project Mineral Sun Glow Sunscreen and holding it in her hand.
POPSUGAR Photography | Anvita Reddy

As someone who is pretty much #TeamChemicalSunscreen, I never thought I would be blown away by a mineral sunscreen, but the Innbeauty Project Mineral Sun Glow Sunscreen exceeded my expectations. The medium-deep shade is a perfect match for my tan/medium-dark skin tone. Rather than a pasty white cast, I’m left with radiant, glowy skin and subtle coverage that helps give my skin a more even-toned appearance. As someone who deals with dark spots and hyperpigmentation, this was a huge plus for me.

Beyond the flexible shades, this is one of the most elegant mineral sunscreens I’ve ever tried (and I’ve tested a lot). It’s lightweight with a silky cream texture that seamlessly blends into the skin. It’s not thick and grainy like other mineral sunscreens on the market, but feels more like a weightless moisturizer. The sunscreen also feels incredibly hydrating on the skin, which is no surprise given the formula contains peptides and natural moisturizing ingredients.

In addition to its broad spectrum protection, this formula also contains vitamin C, which provides antioxidants that work against damage from environmental pollutants. It also contains rice extracts, which help protect against blue light and pollution as well. I also appreciate that this sunscreen helps reduce the appearance and occurrence of hyperpigmentation and dark spots over time. It’s truly the perfect skin-care-meets-makeup hybrid product.

How to Use the Innbeauty Project Mineral Sun Glow Sunscreen

Woman using the Innbeauty Project Mineral Sun Glow Sunscreen in medium-deep.
POPSUGAR Photography | Anvita Reddy

Just like any other sunscreen, you should use the Innbeauty Project Mineral Sun Glow Sunscreen as the last step of your skin-care routine, but before your makeup. I use the two-finger rule to measure an adequate amount of sunscreen for optimal coverage and blend it out. It blends pretty evenly if you use your fingers, but for a streak-free look, I like to dust a little bit of setting powder on top.

It adds a light coverage tint to my complexion, ideal for a more natural, barely-there makeup look. You can keep it light and skin-like with a blendable, medium coverage concealer, or go in with a foundation for a fuller coverage look, then continue with the rest of your makeup routine. I don’t necessarily need a separate primer after using this sunscreen, especially when I apply a setting powder before my other makeup products.

What to Consider Before Trying the Innbeauty Project Mineral Sun Glow Sunscreen

Although the medium-deep shade is a perfect match for my tan skin, a few of the reviewers on Sephora’s site suggested that the brand release more flexible shades, including one that is deeper and one that is a true medium to accommodate a wider range of skin tones. I appreciate the glowy look this sunscreen provides, but if you prefer something more mattifying, just note that this sunscreen has a radiant finish.

Where is the Innbeauty Project Mineral Sun Glow Sunscreen Available?

The Innbeauty Project Mineral Sun Glow Sunscreen is available on the brand’s site and at Sephora.


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