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Willie Nelson Announces ‘Willie and Annie Nelson’s Cannabis Cookbook’


Willie Nelson wants more smoke in the kitchen, and he isn’t talking about pork shoulder or a beef brisket. On Nov. 12, the musician will share his favorite weed-based recipes in Willie and Annie Nelson’s Cannabis Cookbook: Mouthwatering Recipes and the High-Flying Stories Behind Them. “Over a lifetime of study, I learned that pot is more than pleasure. Its positive properties are limitless,” Nelson shared in a statement.

The Cannabis Cookbook pairs recipes for appetizers, main course entrees, and desserts with personal anecdotes from the Nelsons about their relationship with weed and food. Some of the selections include new takes on buffalo wings, chocolate cake, and fried chicken. The cook was co-authored by David Ritz, Mia Tangredi, and Chef Andrea Drummer.

“It’s a blessing and a blast. It’s good fuel,” Nelson added. “Together with Chef Drummer, one of the most celebrated cannabis chefs, and my wife, Annie, the most celebrated chef in our home, I’m excited to help you to cook up a whole mess of wholesome meals.”

One chapter in the book, in particular, will take the recipes beyond the point of being high-scale edibles. According to a press release, a section dedicated to base ingredients will instruct readers on making weed-infused cannabutter, finishing oil, simple syrups, sugars, salts, and more.


There’s no shortage of stories from other musicians about getting high — sometimes unintentionally — around Nelson. Last year, Kelly Clarkson shared a tale about her visit to his storied tour bus, joking that she left with a contact high. “It was laid out on the table, it was so amazing,” she said. “It was like as if you’d go into a store, like some old-school Airstream in L.A. and that’s the store where they’re selling. It was everything you kind of wanted it to be when you walked in, but then when you walked out you were definitely hungry.”

Willie and Annie Nelson’s Cannabis Cookbook: Mouthwatering Recipes and the High-Flying Stories Behind Them is available for pre-order now on Amazon and Barnes & Noble.


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