Home Health & Fitness Workout Gear Guide 2024: Shop POPSUGAR Editors’ Must Haves

Workout Gear Guide 2024: Shop POPSUGAR Editors’ Must Haves

Workout Gear Guide 2024: Shop POPSUGAR Editors’ Must Haves


Anvita Reddy is an assistant editor for PS Shopping. She has a passion for products and is an avid reviewer of everything including home gadgets, cookware, tech, and more. Having dealt with acne as a teenager and into adulthood, her expertise lies in beauty. She has tried and tested plenty of skin-care, makeup, hair-care, and countless other beauty products.

Haley Lyndes was an assistant editor for PS Shopping where she found and tested the best home, beauty, and fashion products. She is a graduate of Northern Vermont University and has nearly five years of experience in both written and broadcast journalism.

Angelica Wilson is a former associate fitness editor for PS. She’s a tall, plus-size yoga instructor who’s a been a K-pop fan since ’09. It’s a unique combo, but it works. She enjoys sharing what brings her joy so that others can potentially find joy in her interests as well. In case you were wondering, Angelica is a Leo sun and Leo rising with an Aquarius moon.

Kyley Warren is an award-winning writer, editor, and affiliate strategist with more than four years of experience in the publishing space. She currently works as an assistant editor on PS Shopping and is an expert on all things related to shopping and fashion. She previously worked with Entertainment Tonight as a style commerce writer, and her byline has appeared in publications globally.

Mirel Zaman is the wellness director at PS. She has nearly 15 years of experience working in the health and wellness space, writing and editing articles about fitness, general health, mental health, relationships and sex, food and nutrition, astrology, spirituality, family and parenting, culture, and news.


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