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Best Vertical Turntables & Record Players: Speakers, Wall-Mounted


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Nostalgia is in, and one of the biggest pieces of evidence is the rise in record players and vinyl sales over the past few years. While streaming tunes through Spotify, Amazon Music Unlimited and Apple Music may be most music lovers‘ go-to, vinyl sales comprised of almost half of all album sales in 2022.



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Traditional turntables lay flat, but vertical turntables are here to flip your view on how you listen to your favorite vinyl. Not only can the design be more compact, but some styles can even be mounted to your wall, making it an elevated piece of decor that collectors can admire.

Whether you’re new to turntables or a longtime fan looking for something different, investing in a vertical turntable can allow you to easily check out limited-edition and colorful records with just a glance — meaning you won’t have to stand up and walk over to your record player just to see how much music is left on its side.

What Are the Best Vertical Turntables?

Before you go refreshing your vinyl record player accessories, ShopBillboard put together our list of the best vertical turntables and record player you can buy online now below.

Best Vertical Turntables & Record Players: Speakers, Wall-Mounted

editor’s pick

Fuse Vertical Turntable

Fuse’s Vertical Turntable aims to be an all-in-one music listening system, as it acts as not only a record player, but Bluetooth speaker, alarm clock and FM radio. It uses a mix of metal, wood and plastic materials as well as includes a tuning knob and a Line-In and Line-Out port on the back.

black vertical turntable

automatic pick

MYKESONIC Vertical Automatic Record Player Bluetooth

This vertical record player practically does everything for you, using a belt-driven system. All you have to do is press start and the device will place the needle, spin the record and stop automatically. It can also play two speeds: 33 1/3 and 45 RPM as well as is compatible with compatible with 7-inch, 10-inch and 12-inch vinyls.

wooden guitar turntable

wall-mounted pick

Eklectik Bluetooth Vertical Turntable Guitar

This Bluetooth vertical turntable will be the statement piece of your wall. It comes with three speeds to choose from and has the ability to connect to your smart device to stream music. The back also comes with stereo outputs if you want to connect your own speakers.

brown wooden vertical record player


Fuse Vert Vertical Vinyl Record Player





10% off

The Vert 4 is an under $200 pick that gives off a vintage retro vibe and uses a manual belt-drive system. Choose from three speeds depending on what’s compatible with your vinyls including 78, 45, or 33 1/3 RPM. Plus, the arm is auto-balanced and weighted to help prevent any wobble or damage to vinyls.

gold and wooden wayfair vertical turntable

TWO-speed pick

Fuse 2-Speed Turntable Decorative Record Player

The Fuse 2 vertical turntable has a more square-shaped speaker system inspired by mid-century modern aesthetics that uses an ash wood veneer for a more elevated look. You can also display your record covers in the back using the built-in slot for display. Since it comes with built-in Bluetooth you can use it to play your vinyls or stream your favorite playlists.

Are Vertical Turntables Good?

What sets a vertical turntable apart from your standard record player is how it plays vinyls upright. Rather than lay flat, the record is placed on a vertically turning the device into a piece of decor as well as music streamer. Just like most tech, you’ll want to ensure it’s well built with quality materials if you want to get the most out of your listening experience.

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