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Allison Ponthier Drops EP ‘Breaking the Fourth Wall’: Listen


“I got myself back,” Ponthier says of releasing Breaking the Fourth Wall

Allison Ponthier has officially completed her EP trilogy. On Friday, the musician released the five-track EP Breaking the Fourth Wall, the “third and final chapter” of a musical story she’s been telling over the last four years.

“The journey to finishing this final and third chapter in of the 3 EP story was unexpected,” she wrote on Instagram. “After putting out 2 chapters, I didn’t realize it… but I had serious self-discovery to do.”

“My world turned upside down in the past year and it led me to make this body of work that I couldn’t be more proud of,” she wrote. “It led me to new friends, new experiences, a renewed love for music, and most of all— I feel like I got myself back.”

The EP — featuring songs such as “Radio Silent” and country-tinged “Lie Detector” — joins 2022’s Shaking Hands With Elvis and 2021’s Faking My Own Death.

“Whether you have followed every chapter of my story or just hopped on for the ride, thank you for being here. you have no idea how much it means to me that I get to live this life of music with you,” Ponthier wrote. “Thank you for being a part of ‘breaking the fourth wall.’


From “Cowboy,” her coming out song on the 2021 EP, to “Lie Detector” on Fourth Wall, the music captures Ponthier coming to terms with her queerness in some lyrics.

“At the beginning, I avoided writing songs about love. I thought it made me special as an artist, like it was inherently more unique, but I was wrong. I didn’t write love songs for the same reason it took me a while to come out: I was afraid to be seen,” she said. “So when I wrote lie detector… the most radical form of love I could think of was being fully vulnerable, no smoke and mirrors.”


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