Home Entertainment Frank Turner Breaks Record for Most Shows Played in 24 Hours

Frank Turner Breaks Record for Most Shows Played in 24 Hours

Frank Turner Breaks Record for Most Shows Played in 24 Hours


Frank Turner hit the road hard this weekend, seeking to break the world record for most shows played in multiple cities in the span of 24 hours. And the U.K. musician succeeded by playing 15 sets between May 4 and 5, though his feat has not yet been officially verified by the Guinness Book of World Records.

He beat the previous world record held by Hunter Hayes, who performed 10 concerts in different cities in 24 hours back in 2014. Prior to Hayes, Flaming Lips were the record-holders with eight shows in 2012.

Turner’s world record honored Music Venue Trust, a U.K. charity which looks to bolster grassroots music venues. Turner performed 15 solo shows that ran for a minimum of 20 minutes, with every performance taking place in an independent venue in towns around the U.K. Aligning with the charity’s mission, tickets came by way of independent record shops.

“I’m extremely proud — and yet more exhausted — after completing the challenge to get the world record,” he said in a statement. “The main drive for me was to highlight the work of independent venues and record shops and the Music Venue Trust, as well as bringing over 3000 people together in 24 hours for a good time. I did 24 shows in 24 hours in London in 2009, but this was arguably a bigger challenge, and a more official one. Time for some sleep!”

On Saturday, he shared a “before” photo on Instagram, where he thanked those joining him to make the endeavor a reality, but also jokingly admitted “This is a terrible idea” before adding the rallying message of “Let’s do this.”

His “after” shot is as celebratory as it should be, taken from the stage with cheering fans behind him. “Proud. Tired. Grateful. Long live independent music,” he wrote in the caption.


Music Venue Trust CEO and Founder Mark Davyd said in a statement that the organization will submit “all the details of these shows, the evidence required to verify each event, over to Guinness World Records and we believe they will recognise that Frank is the new world record holder.”

Turner is set to tour in support of his recently released Undefeated. The tour kicks off on May 23 in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania at XL Live.


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